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Private Hiking Tours

Valgrande, Lake Maggiore, Alpe Devero, Formazza Valley, Alpe Veglia, Macugnaga and Monterosa. My home region is a paradise on earth and my guided offers cover many of these places. I offer a tailor-made private excursions for a dream day in the unspoilt nature into 'my homeland'.

Your best trek

Many of my offers are exclusive multi-day guided treks. However, not everyone is happy to join mixed groups which is why my offers are also privately booked. Contact me to create the best trekking trip for your family or group of friends. Have you seen an offer on the website an you’d like to do it privately? Or do you have an itinerary in mind that you would like to do with a Guide? Contact me now with your requirements so i can organise your dream trek whatever you are looking for; be it to a mountain hut, bivouac or a very wild experience in a tent.

Valgrande National PArk

My Hiking and Trekking Tours in Valgrande take place between April and June and than September to November. Let's get in touch to create the best experience together in this magnificent wild area. This is for true passionate of wilderness, consider to detach yourself from confort and services of the daily life.

Lago Maggiore

Lake Maggiore offers so many treasures to discover. From Mottarone to the border of Valgrande National Park there are many experiences, even for families and beginners. Mottarone, Via delle genti between Cannobio, Cannero and Verbania, Morissolo and first world war trails. Let's get in touch to understand what suits you better. An invaluable History and Naturalist paradise awaits you.

Devero and Veglia

Alpe Devero and Alpe Veglia valleys, so close but so different. This area is an absolute must see in Ossola and Lake Maggiore Region. Despite they are easy to reach, the best itineraries are often far from the main routes. I want to help you living a safe and great experience in a place that has so much to give. Contact me for further information.

Formazza Valley

Formazza Valley between Italy and Switzerland is an insanely beautiful place for outdoor enthusiast. Some spot remind me of Iceland views. If you want to build up your guided adventure, contact me to discover what can be the best option for your need and experience level. There are some many options available between Formazza and also Antigorio Valley where some Walser culture is still alive.

Macugnaga Monterosa

Macugnaga is the last village on the top of Anzasca Valley beneath the Est face of Monterosa. This is astonishing as is the only Himalayan style and the biggest mountain face of the Alps. The area has is much to offer, not only in Macugnaga but also i some wilder villages on its mountains. I am developing further knowledge in order to create so many different options, contact me to create your best experience in this area.

Valle Antrona

Valle Antrona is one of the most fascinating areas of Ossola and Lake Maggiore Region. So many lakes and culture connected to the electricity production but some part of the valley is completely empty and wild with some bivouac between Italy and Switzerland. Would you like to live a proper Alpine Experience? This is the place to look for, but most of the tours are demanding.

The Time Travel | 31 May - 2 June

A real adventure where the phone doesn't pick up for days and you have to know or learn how to use your strength. A journey through time, where we will live as we used to and connect with one of the few untouched paradises in the Alps. That already sounds like a dream. Instead, these wild and fantastic places, feared by many people, hold unforgettable experiences if done safely.

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