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Private Trail Running Camp

I develop some unique Trail Running Camp in Lake Maggiore area as an event. I decided to offer this opportunity also to you coming from abroad who want to live an unforgettable Trail Experience which ca be useful to develop you knowledge or may start this Sport in the right way. Watch out this space for the next proposal or contact me if you want to create you private trail camp based on your needs!

Trail Running Holiday

I am an official Running Instructor of The Human Runner University and FISKY and i have been the event coordinator for MEHT and also UTLM which i invented few years ago. I work as personal trainer and hiking guide in my home town, so not thought to offer the possibility to create your perfect Trail Running Holiday in Lake Maggiore area. Contact me if you want to reserve me as your personal Trail Running Guide and Instructor while letting you discover some of the best trail fo my area.

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