Ciao, sono Elia!

From a very young age I have loved exploring, being outdoors, playing sports and taking on new challenges

My goal is
to reconnect people
to nature through sport!

My story

Retrace my story with me from as far back as 2013

The Origin

It all started with a motorbike trip

The first real change in my life came with a motorbike trip in 2011 across Europe to Caponord that I had been dreaming of for ages and, for so many reasons, had postponed. I was very sick, locked in a life that was not my own. That journey showed me who I was and what I really wanted. However, that the journey towards awareness had only just begun!

My life in UK

I re-discover my real passion

I returned to my true passion, sport, while living in the UK. I had found myself in this faraway country partly by choice and partly by chance. One fine morning the magic happened. I threw away my cigarettes and with them, without knowing it, so many other bad habits that had ruined my life. I went out for a jog and from that moment on I have never stopped. It was by running that I connected with myself in a way I never thought possible. During that three-year period, my passion for los port became a job when I joined the team at the bike shop 'Rides on Air' and took on an impossible challenge of three marathons in my three sports: Running, Cycling and Inline Skating.

Inline Skating Instructor

An old dream, back to life

I decided to listen to an old dream I had as a kid: to open a skating school! So I found a professional course to become an instructor and with great effort in 2015 I managed to do it with ICP Internationalò. A great personal satisfaction.

Home sweet home

Back as MTB guide and sport events coordinator

Time passed and I decided to return home to create sports projects linked to my local area. I began by becoming a MTB guide doing the occasional excursion, but the main assignment became being the coordinator of the big events organised by Sport Pro motion, a path that culminated in the creation of Ultra Trail Lago Maggiore.

Mission ultraSmiles

Sport helps others

Between 2017 and 2018, in addition to fulfilling my dream of working in sport 'at home', I challenged myself to do three Ultra marathons in my three sports and to make sense of this crazy effort, I built a fundraising project for Camp EDU, a summer camp for autistic children. That success literally changed my life again, making me realise how pursuing our passions can be of enormous value to others.

The Human Runner and FISKY certification

Running is life

During 2021 I decide to start studying, out of curiosity and a desire to discover new things about running. After much indecision about the course to follow, I decide to throw myself into the world of Natural Running and approach The Human Runner University courses, for which I obtain certification several months later. I also do a FISKY course to improve my professional knowledge in mountain running.

Project "eliasacchelli

Time to go "solo"

In 2022 I decide to follow an idea so long desired: make Guiding my first profession. The work to promote my region through large-scale sports projects culminates with the creation of Ultra Trail Lago Maggiore. However i follow the idea to build a project as a freelance professional that could bring my values and passion directly to people instead of “managing projects”. At the same time i think this move can make me free to move, travel and explore as i always wanted.

Mountain Guide

Time to create my path

I finish the long journey to become a hiking Guide! Despite many difficulties i manage to conclude this path, which creates even more the desire to work my own 'solo' project.

Official Bike Guide

The last piece other the puzzle

I am also finally completing the long journey to become a certified bicycle touring Guide, a new certification which allows me to propose bike tours of all kind and with all type of bicycles.

On my legs

The dream is on!

Now it is time to realise the dream: the “Elia Sacchelli” project comes to life in January 2023 and continues to this day..... You are in the right place, follow the continuation of this story and I look forward to having you with me so you can be part of it!

My qualifications

I constantly strive to stay up-to-date in my field


Inline Skate Instructor by ICP


Accademia Nazionale Mountain Bike


Correre Naturale®


Istruttore FISKY 1° Livello


Guida Escursionistica


Guida Cicloturistica


Maestro Ciclismo by FCI

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